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Art from everyday life pointed it to the point.

An art forum of the other ART / An art form of the other ART

The clock as a picture on the wall. We show the hands and place them simultaneously in the background. The dial is the real work of art. Even so often used, seen, understood, worked with, that has outlived it now, the best time behind him, and yet by the time virtually rediscovered.

Please take the time to get inspired!

Unimagined possibilities (lay back and enjoy -

take some time with time))

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- Our timepieces show unexpected opportunities -
but at least hours, minutes and seconds!

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The ART-2 approach shows potential as a visual eye-catcher clocks and understand it as the center of each room. The concept involves understanding many opportunities watches as a residential component.


ART-2 is an artists' community, the everyday events and perceptions about strategic concepts into images, objects and texts composed from different materials. It starts with an idea, the idea that (in a picture here in a clock) reflects.


The page developer seeks an accessible and understandable to create platform to meet your needs. For this reason, we are interested in hearing your thoughts expliziet. Please give us suggestions and criticisms to show us here the positive influence on possible changes.

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